A Practical Approach to Preparedness

Photo by Emre Kuzu on Pexels.com

When people hear the term “Prepper,” they almost always think of two personas; camo-clad gun slingers ready to rough it in the wild, or frightened conspiracy theorists wildly hoarding unusable items for the end of times. There are plenty of resources on the Internet for those groups, and truly, we wish them well. But that is not why we’re here. Real, every-day life has enough to prepare for on it’s own.

Nearly everyone has had the experience of life throwing challenges their way that they did not expect. Sometimes these are small things, like a flat tire, or a power outage that lasts a few hours. Sometimes they are bigger, like a job loss or illness. There are rare occurrences of extreme situations, such as natural disasters, pandemics like the one we are in now, or even war.

My goal for this website is to approach the idea of preparedness from a realistic and down-to-earth perspective (and yes – this is a left-leaning page). I will provide education on scenarios to be prepared for, and the best ways to prepare for those specific things. Ideally, being prepared will help you to maintain your current quality of life as best as possible, even in the event of an emergency, big or small. I believe that prepping does not have to resemble “roughing it,” unless that is what you are comfortable with. I want to show y’all how and why to integrate preparedness seamlessly into your modern lifestyle.

If you are interested in prepping and lifestyle content, then please subscribe to the blog, and check back regularly for inspiring content that will help you feel secure in an ever-changing world. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok too! Thanks for being here!

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