35 Must-Haves for Your 72-Hour Kit

A 72-Hour Kit is vital to any home. Ready.gov has suggested that all Americans try to have enough supplies set aside for at least 72 hours in case of emergency. It can be difficult to know what you need to include, so I have put together a list of 35 must-haves for your 72-hour kit. Let me know what else you have in your kit, by leaving a comment below!

  1. 3 days worth of food that doesn’t need to be cooked
  2. Paper plates and plastic wear, so you don’t have to wash dishes
  3. Water (1 gallon per person per day)
  4. Clothes, updated each season
  5. Jacket, coat, and rain jackets
  6. Socks & comfortable walking shoes
  7. Thick blankets to keep you warm – one per person
  8. Hand warmers for winter
  9. Hot water bottle for winter
  10. Rocket stove and fuel
  11. Pot and utensils
  12. Baby wipes, garbage bags, plastic ties
  13. Hand sanitizer
  14. Sanitizing cleaner and paper towels
  15. Toilet paper
  16. Masks
  17. Comprehensive first aid kit
  18. 3 days worth of prescription medications
  19. Over the counter medications
  20. Emergency radio
  21. Walkie talkies
  22. Whistle
  23. Candles and lighter or matches
  24. Solar lights
  25. Shovel
  26. Gas shut off tools
  27. Books for entertainment
  28. Games for entertainment
  29. Notebooks and pens
  30. USB with favorite photographs
  31. Important documents binder
  32. Pet needs (food, medication, water)
  33. Children’s needs (snacks, toys, extra clothing)
  34. Solar charger
  35. Hygiene supplies

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