Are There Really Liberal Preppers?

The fast and dirty answer is, YES. There are liberal preppers.

The idea of being a prepper has long been associated with right-wing rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and extreme survivalists. Most liberals have distanced themselves from this (perceived) panic-driven, testosterone-fueled, apocalypse-focused, “crazy,” gun-porn ideology. It’s time to clear some things up.

Prepping is simple, logic-based, and smart. Everyone has reasons to be prepared, regardless of your political affiliation, religion, or ideology. Real-life scenarios like employment loss, illness, and natural disasters are examples of reasons to prep. At it’s simplest and most relatable form, prepping includes activities like car maintenance, building an emergency savings account, and taking care of your health. In this crazy day and age, reasons to prep can extend to things like civil unrest, or an EMP. Whatever your reason, prepping is frankly, responsible.

There are liberal preppers. I am a liberal prepper. If you’re here, you are likely a liberal prepper, or someone who is considering prepping. Because this is an underrepresented group in the prepping world, this blog exists to provide logical resources and information on prepping for liberals. Keep checking back for resources and information on prepping.

What topics would you like more information on? Let me know in the comments!

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